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As the tax, legislative and business regulatory tax environments become more complex, the need for transparency also increases. Two of the predominant areas of risk for businesses are financial disclosures and income tax account accuracy. Because of the material risks that are involved, many businesses seek the help of Tom Ditullio Accounting for help with tax accounting and preparation. We are able to help you to keep current with today’s regulatory requirements so that you can feel confident in the accuracy of your required disclosure statements and in your tax returns. Here are some of the primary areas that we can assist your business with in meeting the requirements of the law.

Small Business Tax Accounting

We offer several tax accounting services. We can help by reviewing your own calculations or offer support to your business for its quarterly and annual tax calculations. We also can help by researching technical positions regarding tax accounting and document them for you. This may include the preparation of white papers as well as by helping you with the calculations that you need for share-based payments, fixed asset reconciliations, indefinitely reinvested earnings, outside basis differences and valuation allowances. We also can offer an analysis under the provisions of ASC 740 of uncertain tax positions.


At Tom Ditullio Accounting, we are able ot help you with your transactional tax accounting needs. Some of our services for transactions include help with accounting issues related to acquisitions, preliminary readiness for initial public offerings, help with carve-out tax provisions for dispositions and assistance with post-bankruptcy accounting needs. We can offer expert advice about all of the tax accounting regarding your business’s transactions to help you be more efficient while also meeting the legal requirements.

The IRS receives over 140 million individual tax returns and collects over $950 billion in taxes.

The IRS receives over 140 million individual tax returns and collects over $950 billion in taxes.

NJ Small Business Tax risk

A key need for most business is identifying and minimizing potential tax risks. We can help by reviewing your company’s controls and procedures and helping to prioritize those provisions and controls that are most important. We will also assist your business with tax compliance monitoring and remediation.

Tax Balance Sheet Accounts

With this service, we help your business by validating its deferred and current tax balance sheet accounts. We then prepare the tax basis balance sheets that are needed in order to support your company’s cumulative temporary differences and prepare the calculations that are needed to support your business’s tax provision restatement.


We can offer assistance with tax accounting related to the adoption of new accounting standards. We can also help you to convert your financial statements from US GAAP to IFRS or vice versa.

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  • The nature of the services that you might require will depend on whether or not you are currently under audit.

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Thomas M. DiTullio has nearly 40 years of experience.  Tom and his staff have a well deserved reputation for outstanding service in Gloucester County.  Many of Tom’s clients have used his services for over 20 years.  In addition to tax services, Tom DiTullio Accounting also offers payroll, and financial management.  We offer many programs that are flexible, reliable, and most of all affordable.