Payroll Services In New Jersey

Preparing payroll can be a real headache for most small businesses. When you choose to outsource the job to the experts at Tom Ditullio Accounting, you can feel confident in your payroll’s accuracy while saving you valuable time.

Payroll Simplified With Tom Ditullio Accounting

Tom Ditullio Accounting makes your payroll easy. When you attempt to complete your payroll on your own, it could place you at risk of IRS fines and penalties, late fees and angry employees. Our payroll service lets you enter the basic hours and wages of your employees, and we take care of all of the calculations and filings for you.

New Jersey Payroll Basics

Paying your W-2 employees involves paying a certain percentage of their incomes to local, state and federal tax agencies. Your business is also required to match the amounts that they pay in Medicare, FUTA, SUI and Social Security taxes. Calculating these taxes may be highly complicated and land your business in trouble if they are not done correctly. We take away the headaches involved by completing the calculations for you. We also prepare the W-2s and 1099s that your business requires.

New Jersey Payroll Services Offered

Tom Ditullio Accounting is proud to offer a number of different payroll services. When you outsource your payroll to us, you will be freed up to attend to the tasks involved with growing your business. Here are some of the services that we can offer to you.

Check personalization

We can personalize your business checks with your company’s logo. This can help to instill pride in your company.

Check Delivery In Sealed Envelopes

We can help to ensure the privacy of your employees by compiling and sealing all of your checks in confidential envelopes.

Payroll Tax Preparation

With our payroll tax preparation services, we prepare your payroll tax returns and reports so that your business can meet all of the required deadlines. This can help you to avoid future tax issues.

Payroll Preparation

We will need a few pieces of information so that we can prepare your payroll. After you provide us with the information that we require, we can take care of everything else.

Preparation of W2 forms

We can also help you with the preparation and delivery of your employees’ annual W2 forms.

Wage Garnishment

If you have employees that have garnishments, we can handle the garnishments and make certain that the payments are submitted to the correct parties.

Direct Deposit

Offering direct deposits to your employees helps to cut your business costs. You may see savings from getting rid of processing fees while also eliminating issues with check fraud.

Automatic Check Signing

It can be burdensome to have to sign every business check that your company issues. Our automatic check signing service helps by affixing your scanned-in signature to checks as they print so that you do not need to individually sign each one.

Call Tom Ditullio Accounting for all of your payroll needs

When you choose Tom Ditullio Accounting for your payroll services, you can refocus your time on other important business tasks. Schedule an appointment today by calling (856) 228-2205 or filling out our contact form.

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  • Institute of Tax Consultants
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Committed To Excellence For Nearly 40 Yrs

Thomas M. DiTullio has nearly 40 years of experience.  Tom and his staff have a well deserved reputation for outstanding service in Gloucester County.  Many of Tom’s clients have used his services for over 20 years.  In addition to tax services, Tom DiTullio Accounting also offers payroll, and financial management.  We offer many programs that are flexible, reliable, and most of all affordable.